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film quality and the Internet - Cyberculture @ Swarthmore

About film quality and the Internet

Previous Entry film quality and the Internet Apr. 19th, 2005 @ 12:50 pm Next Entry
So during our discussion about oligopolies a few weeks ago, we more or less came to the conclusion that the quality of major motion pictures will decrease as oligopolies gain strength. Moreover, the number of independent film that will be produced will decline. In light of that, I wonder whether the sector of independent films will shift to the Internet. Perhaps as the quality of major motion pictures declines and fewer independent films are distributed, the Internet will become a haven for the next Scorseses and Tarantinos.

But how will directors subsist on making Internet films? If film is moving to an online format, will it become less of a commodity and more of an art form? What does this mean for the movie theater? In any event, if legions of people continue to flock to subpar, mega-budget films, perhaps the film industry will survive as an ersatz simulacrum of what it is today.
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